boasts a history of performance that speaks volumes about our resilience and flexibility in this market. Over a time, Cornish has successfully delivered to its clients, almost all major players of Construction Industry in India, through the leap of time.
Our commitment to quality is at the centre of our approach to business. Every item is meticulously checked, cleaned, painted and logged before it is sent to the client.
earned the loyalty of its clients not just by providing the materials the client needs but suggesting materials, with the support of our in-house design team, that would effectively reduce the cost to the client/contractor.

Our Services

Sharma Scaffolding was established with the purpose of providing the highest quality of Cup Lock Type Scaffolding and Support System to clients in India. This system provides a safe, multipurpose scaffold which is easily erected with a minimum of moving parts. This translates into efficiency through speed and savings in costs. The Decking systems provide a supporting grid for Flat and Hourdi Slab Construction, also facilitating standardized formwork suitable for beam, slab and trough. Our portfolio of products also include props & MS plates, including ghabri.
Sharma Scaffolding offers services for Computer Aided Design (CAD) generated Drawings and Designs as per Safe Working Loads for all scaffolding needs. Cornish highly skilled and experienced CAD draughtsmen, designers and civil engineers effortlessly make these calculations to the satisfaction of the client or consultant. Cornish's proactive approach has prevented several issues from arising for contractors over the years.
Our team has mastered the art of efficient and timely logistical support for the company as well as for the client/consultant/contractor. Our Admin/Accounts Depts. are aware of all governmental regulations for transportation, taxes applicable & all the forms, inward or outward, used to transport material.