About Scaffolding


Scaffolding is defined as any structure, framework, swinging stage, suspended scaffolding, or boatswain’s chair, of a temporary nature, used or intended to be used for the support or protection of workers engaged in or in connection with construction work, for the purpose of carrying out that work or for the support of materials used in connection with any such work; and includes any scaffolding constructed as such and not dismantled, whether or not it is being used as scaffolding; and also includes any plank, coupling, fastening, fitting or device used in connection with the construction, erection, or use of scaffolding

Scaffolding process

Scaffolding process is defined as the planning for, the design of, the erection of, the inspection of, the use of, and the dismantling of any scaffolding. The scaffolding process does not include the erection of structures constructed using scaffolding components, such as falsework, temporary grandstands, lighting towers, etc.
For a professional, cost effective solution from a forward thinking Scaffold & Support System rental company. Every year, We delivers more than two million hours of scaffold labour to hundreds of construction clients across Delhi and NCR. Building relationships and Efficiency are fundamentals at Sharma Steel Scaffolding. We believe that cost efficiency is the product of stable long-term relationships with our customers. To build those relationships, we train our staff to keep your project at any place – on time and on budget. Our goal is not only to meet but to surpass your expectations. There are five main types of scaffolding used worldwide today. These are Tube and Coupler (fitting) components, prefabricated modular system scaffold components, H-frame / facade modular system scaffolds, timber scaffolds and bamboo scaffolds (particularly in China). Each type is made from several components which often include:
A base jack or plate which is a load-bearing base for the scaffold.
The standard, the upright component with connector joins.
The ledger, a horizontal brace.
The transom, a horizontal cross-section load-bearing component which holds the batten, board, or decking unit.
Brace diagonal and/or cross section bracing component.
Batten or board decking component used to make the working platform.
Coupler, a fitting used to join components together.
Scaffold tie, used to tie in the scaffold to structures.
Brackets, used to extend the width of working platforms.